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2 Reasons to Have Your Car Repaired By a Direct Insurance Repair Facility

Loss Adjuster Inspecting Car Involved In Accident
As a vehicle owner, there's a good chance that you'll have to have some auto body work done at some point. Whether you've been involved in an accident or if your car has been damaged by vandalism or hail, you probably want to choose the right shop for having the work done. 

1. Simplify the Process

Dealing with vehicle damage can be a real pain. By choosing a direct insurance repair facility, you can help simplify the process.

Help Ensure That Your Claim Is Successful

If you have car insurance, you shouldn't have to worry about your claim being denied. Still, this sometimes happens. If the cost of the repair ends up being more than what the insurance adjuster estimated, for example, it could be hard to get the extra payment approved.

If you work with a company that your insurance company trusts and regularly works with, though, you can help prevent your claim from being denied.

Avoid Dealing With the Paperwork

Even if you aren't worried about your claim being denied, you might not want to deal with the hassle of the paperwork. Being in the middle of your repair shop and your insurance company can be a big pain and can leave you filling out one form after another. Auto body repair shops that work directly with insurance companies generally handle all of the paperwork for you.

With one of these shops, you should just have to drop your car off and then pick it up when the repairs are finished. This can make dealing with the aftermath of your vehicle damage a whole lot easier.

Avoid Paying Out of Pocket

Different insurance companies have different ways of handling claims and payments. With some companies, you might be expected to pay for the cost of your vehicle repairs to the body shop. Then, you can submit your receipt to the insurance company to be reimbursed. Unfortunately, this process can sometimes take weeks, leaving you with less money in your bank account.

You may want to avoid paying out of pocket if you can help it. Luckily, this generally isn't required with a direct insurance repair facility. This can help you avoid the financial hardship that can go along with paying upfront for your vehicle repairs.

2. Work With a Facility You Can Count On

When having your vehicle repaired, it's important to choose a shop that will do a good job. You probably want for your car to look like it did before the accident, but poor-quality work can sometimes be quite obvious. For example, if the paint isn't matched perfectly, your vehicle might appear to be two-toned. Even if the paint matches, a poor paint job can really stand out, too.

It's not just the appearance of your car that you have to worry about if you don't have your vehicle repaired by the right shop. Over time, poor work could become obvious. Paint that wasn't applied correctly might begin to chip, or body parts that weren't installed properly might fail prematurely. Additionally, the value of your car could decrease if the body work isn't done properly.

Since insurance companies often work with body repair shops on a regular basis, they often have a good idea of which ones do good work. By choosing a direct insurance repair facility, you can help ensure that you choose the right body shop for the job.

As you can see, if you are looking for an auto body shop to work on your vehicle, it's a good idea to choose a direct insurance repair facility. For auto body repair services that you can count on, contact us at Dublin Auto Body today.