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Signs Your Car Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint

You might not think that keeping your car’s paint fresh is really important. However, your car’s paint does more than just make the vehicle look nice. Paint also protects your car from a variety of different issues, including dirt and rocks from bumpy roads, small accidents and corrosion. 
Before your basecoat is applied, your auto body service will likely apply one or two anti-corrosion treatments. Then the basecoat will be sealed with a thick, clear coat to help shield the paint from any UV damage. Your car will be able to withstand a lot more with these strong layers of paint. 
After learning about the importance of your car’s paint, you’ll probably need to tell whether or not your vehicle needs additional paint. Take a look at some of the things you should be looking out for. 

The Paint Looks Faded

Fading paint is usually the first sign that your paint is beginning to wear and is a pretty frequent reason for people to take their cars into a local auto body shop to have the vehicles re-painted. There are a lot of reasons your paint might not look as shiny and new as it used to, including: 
  • You’ve left your car in the sun
  • You’ve left your car out in the snow 
  • You haven’t washed your car enough
  • You haven’t waxed your car enough
  • Your car is just getting old
Even if you keep up with regular cleaning and waxing, fading or deteriorating paint is unavoidable as your car ages and gets exposed to the elements. If you notice that your vehicle just doesn’t have that same shine it had the day you bought it, you should consider getting a new coat of paint. 

The Clear Coat Is Peeling From the Basecoat 

When you see paint peeling from your car’s surface, you should definitely get the vehicle re-painted. What you’re probably seeing is the clear coat peeling from the colored base. If left alone, the entire coat might begin to lift, exposing your car’s exterior to more damage. 
If you see bubbles or discolored areas around your car, that clear coat is likely starting to peel away. It is best to let a professional auto body repair service re-paint your vehicle so you can keep it looking new and prevent further damage from taking place. 

There Are Deep Scratches

Maybe you got side-swiped, or maybe your crazy ex keyed your car. Whatever the case, if you have scratches on your vehicle, take it to an auto body shop to have it examined. If the scratches can be removed, they will help you buff them out. Otherwise, you can talk to your auto professional about replacing your car’s paint. 
A good way to avoid scratching your vehicle is to be careful, even when driving around your neighborhood or in a parking lot. When you don’t pay attention while backing out of a tight space or forget to check behind you before merging, you get yourself into trouble. 
To help your paint last longer, make sure you’re treating your vehicle properly. Always park in the garage, and look for shady spots during the summer. Don’t let your car get buried in the snow, and regularly go to the car wash. You should also consider getting your car waxed every three months or so—every two months if you own a dark-colored vehicle. 
If you do what you can to maintain your paint, watch out for signs of wear and take your car to an auto body shop when it needs to be serviced, then you’ll always drive in style and won’t have to worry about any serious damage to your vehicle.
Does your car need a new coat of paint? Contact Dublin Auto Body. We’ll make sure your vehicle looks brand new.