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The Importance of Auto Frame Straightening

A vehicle collision causes more damage than just what the eye can see. There can be extra damage under the surface, similar to the way the human body responds to a heavy blow. To make sure a vehicle is safe, it is important to look at its frame. Here are some of the benefits to post-collision frame straightening.
A Smooth Ride
Frame damage can affect wheel alignment and how your vehicle handles. A busted frame can make your ride wobbly or affect the wear on your tires. If your tires do not wear evenly, a blowout is much more likely. Keep your ride and your tires safe with a frame straightening.
Crash Safety
Your frame not only holds the shape of your vehicle but protects you too. Frames are designed with key "crumple" points that collapse in such a way to decrease the risk to the driver and passengers. Once those points have activated, they need repair in order to function again.
Keeping your vehicle in good repair is a great way to stay safe on the road. One repair aspect to never overlook is vehicle frame straightening. If you have recently been involved in an accident, call Dublin Auto Body at 925-833-9292 to get yours repaired.