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The Value of Your Car After Collision Repair

You won't find a universal standard when it comes to lowered car values after an accident. Trying to sell a car after repairing it isn't always easy, but it is possible. Here is what you should know about your vehicle's value after an accident and collision repair.
Any Accident Can Lower Your Car's Value
The more damage your car takes, the lower the value. Even with a full, like-new repair, the truth of that damage will haunt your car's value. Your car's history report will also play a vital role in how much value your car loses.

An accident on your car's record can drastically lower the trade-in value of the vehicle. Sometimes, that devaluation has more to do with the fact you have an accident at all on your car report, rather than the nature of the accident itself.
The Potential Buyer Can Dictate Your Car's Value
In the end, the buyer will have final say on how much they value your vehicle. A buyer who knows something about your type of vehicle may also know a good deal when they see one, and a dealer who understands their clientele might already know they can profit from your vehicle despite any accidents.

On the other hand, some buyers will balk at learning the vehicle needed a complete overhaul at some point. But some other buyers may see you only had some cosmetic damage to the car, which isn't a large problem for savvy car buyers.

Because the buyers can vary, you may want to shop your car around to get the best deal. For example, some automobile dealers will treat a reported fender-bender the same as a far more severe collision. The dealer may point out that any accident on the record, no matter how mild, will mean they must sell at a far lower price. But other dealers may not treat mild accidents as severely.
You Can Deal With Buyers When Selling Your Devalued Car
Before speaking to a private buyer or dealership, take some time to place a value on your vehicle. Knowing what you want for your vehicle will help. Don't let your accident rob you of your power to negotiate or point out the better aspects concerning your vehicle.

You know best how much damage your car took and what it took to repair it. Use that knowledge to demand a better price or trade-in value for your car.

For example, consider if you total your luxury car, and your collision repair service restores it to good-as-new condition. You still have a luxury car in excellent condition. You can remind any potential buyer of exactly what they're getting and demand a better price because of it.

Don't fear leaving a deal on the table while you spend some time shopping around for a better price. Odds are, with a little effort, you may find a buyer that will pay you as much as or more than what you want for the car.
Maintain Some of Your Car's Value After an Accident
Devaluation will occur no matter what. But that doesn't mean you can't do what you can to maintain as much value as possible. You should do certain things immediately after an accident to help maintain value:
  • Submit your claim and follow up with insurance immediately
  • Don't wait to get repairs for your vehicle
  • Choose an auto body shop with an excellent reputation
A lot is riding on the experience and expertise of the collision repair service you use. After repairs, do everything you can to keep your car clean and maintained.

Don't try to hide the fact your car was in an accident. Be honest with potential buyers and move the conversation towards the car as it is, rather than the past. If it looks good, runs great, and contains OEM parts, then you're in a good position.

At Dublin Auto Body, we have certified master technicians who can help you maintain some of your car's value with our professional services. If you need collision repair, contact us immediately.