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Why You Should Trust Professionals to Paint Your Car | Dublin Auto Body

Painting a vehicle can make even an old rust bucket look brand-new. While painting a car can be a labor of love for a vintage restorer, the average person should love their car enough to put the paint job in the hands of professionals for several good reasons.
•    Paint - Automobiles require not only a specialized type of paint, but there is also a specialized paint process that involves prepping the vehicle with primer, then painting, then sealing the paint with a high gloss finish. A pro will know all this and more.
•    Tools - There is more to a pro paint job then spraying on the paint. A variety of tools are used for creating that beautiful finish, tools that are neither commonplace for everyday use nor inexpensive to obtain. The pros have the equipment.

•    Skill - A professional will have the skills sets necessary to complete the job. Though the location, the materials and the tools used are all critical pieces to the process, they mean nothing if not in the right hands.
Getting a pro to do the paint job shows that you love your car enough to treat it to the very best. To have your car professionally finished, call Dublin Auto Body at 925-833-9292.