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Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Questions Concerning My Claim

Do I need three estimates?
No. You are only required in California to provide one estimate.

Can I have my vehicle repaired where I want?
Yes. You can have your vehicle repaired at any facility you want.

Can my insurance company tell me where I have to repair my car?
No. You have the right to select your own repair facility.

Loaner car?
We offer a free loaner car for MAJOR repairs only while we are working on your vehicle. This does not include weekends or holidays.

Can I leave my car before or after regular business hours?
Yes. We have a night deposit slot in our front door. Put your keys in an envelope along with your name, address and contact phone numbers.

When do I need to contact my insurance company?
You should always notify your insurance company immediately to protect your rights.

Who do I pay my deductible to?
You pay your deductible in full to the repair center when your car repair is complete.

Do I pay my deductible even if it is not my fault?
You may be required to pay your deductible even if the accident is not your fault. Two common reasons are if you decide to go through your own insurance company or if the other party does not have insurance. Your insurance company will then subrogate with the responsible party to recover your deductible and reimburse you.

Do I need a police report?
It is always a good idea to document your accident and all the facts with a police report. Your insurance company may require you to do so before processing a claim.

How do I get a copy of a police or CHP report?
You can get a copy of the full report usually within 10 days of the incident. You need to go in person to the police department. You may also get a "cover page" immediately, which includes the other party’s contact and insurance information. Call the police department or CHP office that took the report for more information.

Questions Concerning My Repair

How soon can I wash my car after I get it back from being repaired?
You should wait one week before washing your vehicle. Also, be sure to dry all surfaces free of water to avoid damaging water spots.

Will water spots damage my new paint?
Yes. Harsh chemicals in tap and well water will damage your paint. You should always dry your vehicle after washing or getting it wet with tap or well water.

When can I wax or polish my new paint?
You should wait approximately six weeks before attempting to wax or polish your new finish. Your new paint requires breathing time for the solvents to evaporate and the paint to properly cure.

The truth about rock chips and new paint.
Your finish is "soft” for the first six weeks. This will make it very susceptible to scratching and chipping. Use care when touching newly painted surfaces and avoid driving behind gravel trucks or on dirt roads.