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Our Frame-Straightening Service Restores Damaged Cars in Dublin

The frame of your car or truck is specially designed to withstand a lot of pressure and force. It’s also been developed to flex and bend in an accident to minimize your injuries when you’re in a collision. Unfortunately, that same accident can cause a lot of damage to the frame. This misalignment often isn’t visible to the naked eye. At Dublin Auto Body in Dublin, we use state-of-the-art equipment to find any imperfections in the safety of your vehicle in order to make frame-straightening repairs. It takes special technology to get the car back to its original condition.

Some Vehicles Will Require Welding to Ensure Safety

Even a low-speed collision can cause your frame to be misaligned. We have a machine that restores your car’s body to its original shape, using hydraulics and torque to realign it to its factory specifications. If the damage is more extensive, we can use welding to fix bent pieces while maintaining the structural integrity of your automobile. There are times when it’s better to total the car than to go through the restoration process. You should only let a professional restore the frame of your vehicle to ensure that it meets all standards and regulations for safety on the road.

straightening a truck frame

Serving the Dublin, Pleasanton and San Ramon Areas

When you need auto body repair, contact our office in Dublin by calling 925-833-9292. We offer car body repairs to Pleasanton, San Ramon, Danville, Castro Valley and Livermore residents. Our technicians want to keep you on the road with a safe vehicle that also looks great. After an accident, bring your vehicle to our direct insurance repair facility to expedite the repairs to your auto.